PT Energi Trans Nusa ( Indonesia )

PT. ENERGI TRANS NUSA (ENERTRANS) was established under Articles of Association No.61, Notary Ingrid Lannywati dated on 8 March 2007 and have legality from Judicial Affair Republic of Indonesia as of 10 April 2007 No.W-02882 HT.01.01-TH.2007.

ENERTRANS have been changed to be The Foreign Investment Company based on Approval Latter from Investment Coordinating Board Republic of Indonesia No.115/V/PMA/2007 on 26 June 2007 and amendment of Articles of Association No.181, Notary Ingrid Lannywati dated on 27 June 2007.

Our company have legality from Judicial Affair Republic of Indonesia as of 23 July 2007 No.W7-08163 HT.01.04-TH.2007, with the foreign shareholder is Pacific Energy Services Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).

In the line of business ENERTRANS hold the Petroleum Product Trading Licenses from Directorate General of Oil & Gas, Department of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia as of 7 September 2007 No.13865.K/14/DJM.O/2007.

Our company are fully supported by Fortrec Chemicals and Petroleum Pte. Ltd. (see. is a Singaporefs privately-held company established in 1999 to supply petrochemicals and petroleum products, and to promote and develop growth in the petrochemicals sector. Today FORTREC has grown from strength to strength; starting from headquarters in Singapore and expanding to 7 countries around the region with an annual turnover of over USD$200 million.

Business Strategy

ENERTRANS plan is to expand into the petroleum products trading businesses. Our company goals to be recognized and acknowledged as an important player in the petroleum businesses of Indonesia, and the region, with the following strategies :
    Manage our 5 key areas of business success include: petroleum product sourcing,
    refinery reliability relationship, financing, logistics and marketing.
    Manage the security of supply.
    Price competitiveness.
    On time delivery and precision of the quantity.
    Deliver only the certain quality of petroleum products.
    Build the close relationship with Petroleum Refineries & Global Traders and with the customer
    In the area of shipping,
    we help end users to reduce logistic cost by pooling enquiries and operating vessels on time chartered.
    Our Company serve and supply of petroleum & products only for Industrial market & Fuel Wholesaler.
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